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I wanted to let everyone know my experience with slipdoctors. I almost joined with the competition, we all know who that is. :) So happy I made the right decision. After I signed the contract and flew to Dallas I knew this was exactly what they said over the phone. A great niche business with lots of potential.

First the training program was a little overwhelming. So much to learn in this business. I keep on top of the standards, product and leads. After I returned home I did get a little confused about the products. Howard was pleasant and patient to go through everything with me again. I do highly recommend their team and the support I have had. I gather a bunch of tiles and went around town doing demos. Calls went very well and everyone was interested. I learned immediately that I need to be very professional with this since I was talking about safety with large facilities. Left demo tiles, followed up and just completed my first job after 2 weeks of the biz. It was a nice size job, about 2,500 sq ft. Got wonderful results and customer was thrilled. I cannot wait to see where this brings me. See pictures below addressing several dangerous places.

More to come. If you would like to talk with me over the phone please ping me. I will release my email or phone number. I would be happy to share more. Please do not post comments since many posts I have noticed are direct from the competition.

StevenSanders wrote the review because of good customer service at Slipdoctors and attached photo s. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants Slipdoctors to read this review and look into the issue (if any).

Author liked the most service and price. The author asks this business to contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her positive experience with the company.

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Salero is another instance of fake media. Competitor hard at work using slander against the competition. Personally I would not be surprised if the competition is out of business within six months because of their flawed business model.


I have spoken to many ex-Slip Doctors investors and all of them are out of business. Mr Sanders I congratulate you on being the only dealer of theirs that claims he is doing well. Keep up the good work and glad you didn't lose your money like countless others.

to salsero74 Grand Prairie, Texas, United States #1347996
Slipdoctors Response

Mr Salser-

This is one of our best installers.We have many successful installers across the country.

I find it ironic you have now posted 20 times on this site and another website with your concerns. You also have used a fake number and name in your registration. What are you hiding? Please identify yourself.

It is only safe to assume you are not who you say you are.

You also have many false claims on this site.I wish you the best of luck.

to Slipdoctors Response #1348369

GIve it up Cohen.Everything I have posted is verifiable.

Anybody can check. NO false claims. Or is the State of Illinois also lying? You keep stating false claims here...saying that you have my IP address?

Not possible. Stating that I posted a fake number? I didn't post any phone number.

You also claim that the State of Illinois lawsuit is false. Seems everybody in the world is false except for you and the false distributor references you also provided me when I was checking your company out.

Cohen, I beg you to please keep posting here.

I've seen based on comments you have made earlier that you know nothing about technology. The great thing is that every time you post here you also increase the probability that people find this thread when searching Slip Doctors.

The more people that find this thread and read what I have posted can check "for themselves" with the state of Illinois and other sources and find out the truth behind Slip Doctors.

So again, I beg you, PLEASE keep posting.:-) Your doing so will help many innocent people from losing their hard earned money.

to Slipdoctors Response #1348605

Cohen, my claims are false?Does that mean that the State of Illinois is lying and publishing false information?

I have checked with the state and you were found GUILTY.

Anybody can check this out, it's public record. By continuing to publish that this is false you make yourself look even worse. Anybody can look it up online and/or call the state of Illinois.

I had my attorney check your company out and you are and have been selling your business opportunity ILLEGALLY for quite some time.

Cohen, I encourage you to please keep responding to these threads. Based on comment you made earlier I've noticed that you know nothing about how the Web works. The more you continue to post here, the easier it is for people to find this thread when searching for Slip Doctors.

The more people who find this thread will undoubtedly be very interested to know that you were SUED by the STATE of ILLINOIS and found GUILTY of FRAUD in May of 2017.

So please please please keep posting, you are doing everybody a favor so that they can find this thread more easily. You can claim that my claims are false, but remember anybody that reads this thread will most likely check with the state of Illinois and verify that what I have posted is true. Therefore I welcome you to keep posting.

My claims are verifiable, are yours?LOL!

to salsero74 #1349614
Slipdoctors Response

Yes they are false. SlipDoctors and myself have never been sued for fraud and not under any suits. If you simply search the Secretary of State you will show we are registered.


to salsero74 #1349771

So the lawsuit from the State of Illinois is false?I'm sure that they would love to hear you call them liars.

It's public record. Why do you insist on lying about it?

I just called the state and yes you are registered as of July 11th, 2017....YESTERDAY!! LOL!!

You were FORCED to registered since you were found GUILTY of FRAUDULENTLY selling business opportunities in ILLINOIS for the past 8 years!

You state in your FAQs which were written before "yesterday" that you are legal to sell across the USA.

So you have been knowingly lying about this to your unsuspecting victims for several years.This is why you were found GUILTY of FRAUD.


Slip Doctors / Greg Cohen sued for Fraud


Greg Cohen was found guilty by the state of Illinois in May 2017. He is also being investigated by other states.

I'm glad my lawyer advised me not to was my time and money with this crook.

to salsero74 #1344322

This was not a lawsuit.This was just a notice to file which was dismissed.

You obviously didn't read anything from the link attached. You might want to talk to several of their other distributors because many are very successful. We are now properly filed. Salesero is just another fake media.

Unreal what competitors do on the web.Slander.

to Slipdoctors #1344341

I checked with the state of Illinois and you had hearing for Violating state law and business opportunity law in Illinois. You were found guilty in May 2017. It's public record and anybody can read it and the information is very clear.

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