Lake Ozark, Missouri
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I cannot stress enough DO NOT DO THIS!!!! {{{Redacted}}} Which is just as well because it's my experience that the products don't work. We visited app. 300 businesses and while customers love the idea because there is a serious problem with slippery floors, the businesses don't. We only received one call. a big company I contacted through the mail, with many locations and they wanted samples. I was compelled to send a sub standard one and never heard back. Go ahead and try to get a list of their current providers to speak with. {{{Redacted}}} The only one we were able track down to talk to - after we purchased the agreement - was a guy who told us straight out that not only do the products not work as advertised, but they can seriously damage the floors - especially the wood ones. We went through the pathetic 1 day training in Texas, and pushed the "I believe button" because we never actually used the tester. After returning home to Missouri I could never get the products to even come close to their performance claims and had to make a special return trip to Texas to make sure I was doing it right. I was. {{{Redacted}}} told me that "sometimes the testing methods don't actually reflect the improvement to the walking surface." Not a good explanation, but wasn't going to accomplish anything by staying, so we went back home. Tried about 50 more tiles, still couldn't get them to work very well and sent tested tiles, fresh tiles and the meter back to see if they could try once again to obtain minimum standards. He wrote and said he could not, he got the same results as I did except on one tile where he applied more strong chemical on a tile I previously tested and got a marginal improvement - still not up to minimum standards, "and oh, by the way you're late on your payment". I told him I wasn't paying any more money until we could get the products to work as advertised. After 3 months I said enough is enough and had to move on. Tried to work out a satisfactory settlement twice with {{{Redacted}}}, wanting to return the chemicals for credit. They fell on deaf ears. {{{Redacted}}} Now I'm in collections. {{{Redacted}}} seems like a nice guy, but doesn't have a clue as to what he is doing. He's strictly a business man, and I truly believe that the only way he stays afloat is by ripping people off at $10,000 a pop. {{{Redacted}}}


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Coppell, Texas, United States #1207168

Complete opposite experience as the reviewer shows. I signed up as well and the individual who posted this actually makes some odd points.

Appears to me he is not a professional and cannot sell himself.

"We visited app. 300 businesses and while customers love the idea because there is a serious problem with slippery floors."

to Anonymous #1310231

Yes I agree. The author is worthless. Has no skills but to complain.

Medell, Antioquia, Colombia #1205338

Here's another similar story regarding Slip Doctors

to Anonymous Mountain View, California, United States #1346015

This is a positive review on this site. Seems like a legit company. Did you see the link?

Dallas, Texas, United States #1196502

Very fishycomments here. Seems odd to me. Appears competitors are posting are my 2 cents.

Pinellas Park, Florida, United States #1196402

We ordered and used the product indoors and outdoors and the product proved useless after 3 weeks it was like it was before we put on Slip Doctors products. Now they won't even speak to us to get our money back.

to Anonymous Grand Prairie, Texas, United States #1345235

Please identify yourself. Or is this another failed attempt form our competitor.

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